That’s summer done then, although it’s still surprisingly warm in Glasgow. Since my last blog post I have been busy working on new material with my duo partner, Jenn Butterworth. We had the pleasure of doing a few spots at Speyfest, a lovely weekend festival up in Fochabers. The music was great, and we enjoyed catching up with friends from far and near. We also had a lovely time playing at Crook Hall as part of the Streets of Durham Festival.

Last week I was really chuffed to get to do another Shooglenifty gig down at the Freedom Festival in Hull, and then I headed north with The Shee to play in Fort Augustus and Resolis as part of Blas Festival. Resolis was particularly exciting for us as it was where we did one of our first ever gigs back in 2006. We were remeniscing about how we turned up with half a PA, a demo that we were selling for a fiver but were burned onto Tesco own-brand CDs and mics that had to be gaffa taped onto the stands. It was really nice to come back with lots of new material and three albums properly printed! And what a lovely audience we had!

Next up I will be playing at Glasgow Americana with Jenn and then heading to Germany for a 2-week tour with The Shee, organised by the brilliant Keith Melville.

I actually took a bit of time off (mid-summer!) to go back to Lincolnshire and catch up with my family. I had my Grandad raking through old files to try and find out a bit about our family history, and very interesting it was too. I still have a lot of research to do, but it doesn’t seem like that side of the family has strayed from Lincolnshire in a very long time. My Grandad understands (and speaks quite a bit) of the old Lincolnshire dialect and I will leave you with a verse of something he told me;

Floods in the Wash (Jesse Baggeley)

The sheeep knooa- the cattle knooa-
They climbs the dyke for ‘oame;
Theear’s flood to west, an’ tide to eeast
An’ still the watters come.
But- long afooar- the beasts leeave
Their clooases by the dreen,
An’ climb the bank in slormy walk
An’ maake for ‘oooame ageen.

Over and out x