Laura-Beth on Spotify –

Jenn & me with Ross and Ali playing Ross’ lovely tune – Tune For Everyone

A little bit of home recording for you straight from my kitchen – and the first outing for my tenor guitar. An old Jean Ritchie song called ‘Cool of the Day’ inspired by a verse from Genesis. I hear it as a simple reminder not to take too much for granted.

Played on a Greensider Tenor guitar, built by Andy Brown

I love playing in a duo with Jenn! You can find a few live recordings here courtesy of the lovely folk over at Trad TV – check them out for loads of other music too!

A new video of Ali Hutton and I shot by David Owen Blackley of ‘Her Name is Murder’ Productions. We were both at Tpot Studios recording Ross Ainslie’s next album, and did this between takes.

Here is a video of The Devil & I which the Butterstone TV team kindly filmed for me after we had been doing a live session with Dougie Maclean in July 2013. It was really late at night, and filmed in an old Blackhouse on the isle of Lewis. A perfect atmosphere for this song!

Here is a video of ‘Our Bottle,’ one of the songs I wrote for my New Voices Commission. This version is arranged and performed by The Shee.

Here are a few live recordings of our ‘Jenn Butterworth and Laura-Beth Salter’ duo

There is a live video of ‘Teacher’ with Jenn Butterworth on the BBC website…

Playing with Shooglenifty!



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