Glasgow Mandolin Band is starting!

Last year I have the privilege of joining Kevin Henderson and Kris Drever to do some gigs, host some sessions and give some workshops at The Big Folk Weekender over on Shetland. While I was there, I got to have tunes with the fantastic Jenny Henry, and find out all about the mandolin band she … Continue reading Glasgow Mandolin Band is starting!

Shee-ing, duo-ing and running

Well hello, As always, its been a while, but plenty's been happening! I have had a few lovely gig recently with The Shee, including the Edinburgh harp festival, the Speyside whisky festival (!!) and a double bill gig with the wonderful 'Shine' up in Cromarty. It was nice to get back to Shee-ing. This year … Continue reading Shee-ing, duo-ing and running