Hi folks,

I hope you have all been suitably merry over the festive season. I have enjoyed a bit of rest and relaxation and family time over the last few days, and am now home feeling revived and ready to go!

2016 has been such an exciting year. We released the fourth Shee album and ten year anniversary project, Continuum, I released my first duo album with my partner in crime, Jenn Butterworth, I co-wrote the music for the new dance piece ‘Catywompus,’ was part of a huge team of folk putting together an album of our late pal Fraser Shaw’s music and have been working on some new solo material which should be with you next year hopefully. Woo!

2017 I will be touring with Jenn and The Shee, as well as continuing my local gigs with The Daddy Naggins, teaching at The Glasgow Fiddle Workshop and a mixture of residentials, launching a new band (?!) and putting out some music I’ve been working on for a couple of years with Ali Hutton and Andrea Gobbi. Oh, and getting married!  It’s all go, but I couldn’t be more grateful for your continued support. Without those of you who take a chance on something new, who regularly come out and support live music and are so good at chivying us along, I wouldn’t be able to do all of this.

So, happy new year, and I hope 2017 is a fantastic one for all of you. Here’s a bit of Jenn and me to play you out….

LB x