Hi folks,

So after a busy week I have the new website up and running, the CDs ready for pre-orders and a launch party in the planning. And I have the CDs sitting in my flat which is exciting but a little scary at the same time, trying to figure out what to do next!

I really enjoyed the recording process with Barry Reid at La Chunky studios in Glasgow. Its a really intimate studio, and Barry (aka Spad) is a really reassuring and relaxed recording engineer. We recorded as much as we could of the album live to try and get the best representation of our actual sound. This means that there are a few rough edges, but I hope that you will enjoy the character and energy that I really wanted to capture. I was aiming for a natural sound so there is very little manipulation of sounds on this album (although that is something which I do love to play with!).

I had a great April touring England with The Shee followed by duo gigs in Germany with Jenn Butterworth. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us and make the gigs such fun!

Next up for me is the final mandolin lessons of the year with my fantastic students at Newcastle University, my first gigs with The Maclean Project and a few festivals/gigs with Jenn Butterworth.

An exciting year so far, but now to get the oven on. Its Sunday and time to start the roast!